Spanish Classes

Spanish Classes for Children in Mt. Lookout

Children ages three and older will learn and have fun. Our teachers will evaluate your child’s level and their instruction will be just right for them.  Parents are encouraged to attend with their kids and will meet other parents and kids who are also interested in expanding their Spanish education!

Classes at your School

We offer classes from Pre-school through Middle School at local schools.  If your school does not currently have a Spanish Enrichment Program in place, let us know!  We'll contact your school's administration or Parent Teacher Organization to set up a fun, affordable, convenient program for children and their families.

Spanish for High School Flex Credits and Private Tutoring

If your child has grown up learning and being exposed to Spanish and could benefit from the High School Flex Credit program, give us a call!  We can help to provide classes and work with the school to create an assessment plan to award High School credit.  Or, if your child needs a little extra help and boost or wants to practice for a school trip overseas, we can help! Our experienced teaches can provide a helpful hand with your students' Spanish homework. Our classes will focus on real communication.

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(513) 602-6100